Prezados Senhores,

Segue abaixo uma oportunidade de Pós-Doutorado em Israel.

Solicitamos ampla divulgação entre a comunidade acadêmica.


Carlos F. O. Graeff
Pró-Reitor de Pesquisa

Oportunidade de Pós-Doutorado em Israel

Instituto Weizmann em Israel está oferecendo bolsas de Pós-Doutoramento específico para Brasileiros.

Abaixo a chamada do Instituto Weizmann.

CALL for Applications

NEW postdoctoral fellowship opportunity for a Brazilian postdoctoral fellow at the WIS.


The program is sponsored by the Morá Miriam Rozen Gerber fellowship fund.


An annual sum of $30,000, paid through the WIS covering roughly 88% of
the cost of the winner’s fellowship and travel allocation.


· Brazilian citizenship or residency
· Proven academic excellence
· PhD thesis approved or submitted

Documents needed:

  1. An updated CV and list of publications.

  2. Certificate of PhD approval or thesis submission.

  3. A research plan (up to 2 pages).

  4. Two letters of recommendation (one of which must be from the
    PhD advisor).

  5. A letter of commitment by the potential WIS host.


Thursday, February 15, 2018


If you have colleagues abroad who mentor eligible Brazilian postdoctoral fellows or PhD students whose degree is about to be approved soon, then please suggest to them to encourage their students
to take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the fellowship as follows:

Step 1:

Apply to a postdoctoral status at the WIS through the FGS online
application service

Step 2:

Send an e-mail of request for a username and password to

Step 3:

Apply for the Morá Miriam Rozen Gerber fellowship through the FGS
online CALLs system

Additional Information.

To apply for this fellowship, candidates should seek acceptance with a
Weizmann scientist in whose lab they would like to conduct research,
and in parallel submit an application by communicating with Ms.
Claudia Issler Faiguenboim, Director of the Brazilian Association of
Friends of the Weizmann Institute of Science.